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About Us

Bitcoin Circuit is the brainchild of an investment couple who wanted to design a safe platform to give everybody a chance to make money by crypto trading. The investment couple themselves faced a lot of a hard time finding a platform to invest money safely without worrying about putting their personal information at stake. They knew the potential of cryptocurrency in the coming years, and how it could be one great avenue for earning money; this is how Bitcoin Circuit came into being. 

The platform has evolved at every step of the way, making itself bigger, better, and an established name. Today the investors are renowned names in the industry and have joined the millionaire feat. 

Our Software

Bitcoin Circuit has grown to be one trusted and reliable name in the cryptocurrency industry, thanks to the smart software solution which backs up the platform. With state-of-the-art technologies, you cannot find human functionalities and the trading process. The software and the cutting edge technology power the platform to study the trading market and make gambling decisions accordingly. So, your experience with the platform and the industry does not matter much. You do not have to be a professional trader to earn big.

Even if you are not regular on the platform, you can set the platform on automatic mode to decide after studying the volatile market.


You can entirely rely on the trading platform, and your success is guaranteed. Although at times, you may have to face the constant ups and downs in the market that is not constant.

Our Goals

Over the years, the demand for cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin has skyrocketed in the foreign exchange market, which has increased the demand for trustworthy trading platforms. To keep up with the market demands and the latest crypto world trends, we keep on updating our platform. We incorporate the latest technology to make sure that you stay ahead of others in the changing marketing dynamics.

We dedicatedly work towards safeguarding your interests, funds, investments and building healthy relationships so that we work together following the highest standards of legal compliance.